The young athlete

The young athlete

Disclaimer : These blogs are written on a personal title, and are based on personal experiences and observations. We do not intend to give any (medical) advice or judgment, it is purely intended to provide insight into situations that we, our athletes or parents of young athletes encounter in daily life and that we want to share so that others can read about it.

We recommend always to you to seek professional help and / or medical advice in the event of physical or mental complaints. If you have similar experiences or maybe completely different, let us know so others can benefit from it.

‘The team’ of the individual athlete

If you play a team sport, you have more like-minded people around you. You have a common goal and you can support each other ........

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Born to be a Champion....?

Some children practise sports because they like to do so; others do it because it is better for their health. But there are also children ....

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It must be growing pain

To be able to exercise at a high level you must have a healthy body. Or at least a body that can handle the challenges your sport .....

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Supplements for the young athlete. Necessity or hype?

What to do with a teenager who eats like a horse but whose body indicates that this is still not enough. Is it justified to provide ....

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The biggest supporter, whose name is ‘parent’ ...

We all know them, the fanatic parents who stand along the line to encourage their child during a competition. And who are willing ....

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The contender on paper. Or the right of the strongest

Every athlete will tell you: training is hard work; after that, the competition is the easy part. That is largely true. The hours....

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