Alin Firfirică: 'I'm planning to make it in the podium at the Olympics in Tokyo throwing with one of these discs'.

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Alin Firfirică: 'I'm planning to make it in the podium at the Olympics in Tokyo throwing with one of these discs'.

He reached a fourth place with a distance of 66m46 at the World Championships in Doha recently and has been training with the ATE Slo Spin, Medium Spin and Gold.
Although he used the Gold during the finals in Doha, he doesn't have a particular favorite one.

According to Alin:

'Usually it is not very comfortable to throw with new discs or at least not for me, but these discs are different, they feel very good in the hand, they are adherent and very well balanced'.

We wish him the best during the prepartions for Tokyo 2020 and good luck!

About the discuses

The Slo-Spin and Medium Spin discus are from the distance rated ATE family.
Rated from 65M, 70M and, to complete the series, there is also the Superb Spin (75M) available.

These discs have a double zinc coated RIM which gives them extra grip during the throw.
Even during bad weather conditions these discs have been proven to have more grip than other discs. The special designed composite plates give all three discs a more stable flight, even with side and tail winds. The ATE distance rated discus is an easy to throw discus no matter which level athlete you are.

The Gold discus, who thanks its name to the golden brass RIM, is a discus that has already proven itself by winning many competitions for many years. 
It's an Elite discus with a high RIM value of 87% for the more powerful and technical throwers, who are able to reach the right spin speed to let this discus spin at the highest rate possible.
This Gold discus has been improved lately by adding the same plate technology as the distance rated discus, which provide the Gold discus even a more stable flight and bigger distances.

More and more athletes are surprised by our easy to throw discus range of ATE which has the biggest choice in discs. To throw at any level and in any weather condition.

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