Lars Coene: 'I am lucky to have another place where I can effectively throw the ATE discs.'

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Lars Coene: 'I am lucky to have another place where I can effectively throw the ATE discs.'

He planned to combine the 1.75 and 2kg discus to gain experience and measure up to the elderly .

The 18-year-old Belgian discus thrower has been practising athletics since he was 9 and has always had a preference for the discus. His best performances are 60m50 with the 1kg as u16 (3rd all time performance in Belgium) and 54m62 with the 1.5kg as u18 (3rd all time performance in Belgium). He is also the annual ranking leader in his category every year.

In the current situation, he tries to do as much as possible:
'I made a mini fitness at home where I can do bench presses and do a little weight lifting. I have an open space where I can also throw the discus. My trainer (Kelly van Maldegem) makes custom schedules according to the possibilities that I have at home to do something. It is often frustrating because the motivation was so high after a winter of hard training.

The competitions I will miss are the provincial championships and the Flemish championship. Normally, I would also have now gone to Portugal for a training camp for an even better preparation. My main championship is only in September and that is the Belgian u20 championship. And then I will focus on the European Junior Championships 2021.

A few weeks ago I had my first training with my new discs so I am still testing them. I can already say with certainty that they immediately became my go-to discus. The discs feel very light in the hand and have good grip so that you can put a lot of spinning on them and therefore throw extra far.

I first tested the Superb Spin of 2kg and was immediately convinced. Not only do they feel good, they also look fantastically beautiful. After this, I decided to buy the following 1.75 kg:
-Medium Spin
With both, as with the Superb Spin, I liked the Terra Grip Technology. You can throw far in any weather condition.

This discus has 83% RIM and I can throw it smoothly and is therefore ideal for exploring the range of ATE.'

Watch the training of Lars at an alternative location.

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