Irina Rodrigues & Rachel Andres: What I like about these ATE discs

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Irina Rodrigues & Rachel Andres: What I like about these ATE discs

Irina Rodrigues, who competed in the 2012 Olympics, is now, like Rachel Andres, preparing for the 2021 Olympics.
Both have given us a short summary of their favorite discus.

Both the Indra and the Gold disc are good for Irina to throw, the Superb is ideal for use in strong winds.
Listen here what Irina tells about these discuses.

It normally takes a little longer for Rachel to give a review, but after 6 months of training she is still enthusiastic.
Especially the Superb Spin is her favorite, because this discus is very good with tail winds, hard cross winds and hard head winds.

Watch here Rachel's full explanation of the Superb, Indra and Gold discus:

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