Abigail Birch: ‘This shot-put is the most comfortable and sits perfectly in my hand’

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Abigail Birch: ‘This shot-put is the most comfortable and sits perfectly in my hand’

She is currently the only active F41 female athlete in the United Kingdom and had smashed the minimum entry standard for Tokyo 2020.

Unfortunately she was not into the selection as she is under 18.  

However with COVID-19 and the postponement of Paralympics to 2021, she will turn 18 some months before the Paralympics, so she will have time to get international classification before GB selection policy date and meeting GB Entry standards.

Now with Malcolm Wallace as her coach she has spent lockdown on his training program.

The fact that she hasn’t been able to compete at an international event last year won’t stop her from competing at high level.  She can place her shot-put distance in World (24th) - and European rankings ( 4th).

Although shot-put is her strongest discipline, she also ranks 27th in the World and 7th at European level by throwing the discus.

At an age of just 17 she is promising more to come and having the prospect to compete at the Paralympics 2024.

We as TopThrowing strongly believe in the strengh of people and the power of sports, so we are very pleased to support Abigail in her journey to the top by supplying a custom made shot-put. Because of the smaller diameter of the shot-put she has a better grip and the shot is easier to throw.

According to Abi, the releasing and flying is perfectly and the shot-put is not rough in her neck.

Watch Abi's complete review here:

If you are also interested in supporting her, take a look at her fundraising page:


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