• Coaching Advice for Throwers

Do you or your coach need help? Technical advise? Solve a problem? For all your questions concerning Discus-, Shot-put-, Hammer- and/ or Javelin throwing.  Ask us for instant advice, 'first aid' consult.

What do we offer:

- Technical advice for you and / or your coach;

- Help to choose your right equipment;

- Answering questions about your current training schedule;

- Solve that one problem you just can't figure out to gain distance.

Price per issue and per session. This module is intended for ad hoc questions.
You can upload a video or photo of the problem that you want to discuss on the right side of this page below "Choose your Options".

If there are multiple questions, we will refer to the video analysis module for more detailed analysis and coaching.

€ 50,00 per issue.
See our 'Related Products' below for more information.

Coaching Advice for Throwers

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