• Program Analysis for Throwers

Working hard to get that next level but your current program isn't doing what you hoped for? We can analyse and improve your training program so you will get to that next level.

For all your questions concerning Discus-, Shot-put-, Hammer- and/ or Javelin throwing.

What do we offer:

- Technical program analysis;

After we have determined together what your goal or problem is, we will analyze your technical training schedule and we will introduce points for improvement.

- Speed program analysis;

Do you feel a lack of speed during your throw and you or your coach just can’t figure out the cause of not reaching the desired distance? We will improve your speed program for better results.

- Power program analysis;

Every thrower needs a personalized program to achieve more distances in their throwing.

Can’t stay in the circle or unable to stop after blocking during throw off or only a few examples why your power (or speed) program is not working.

We will improve your power program so you will gain more stability and make that block.

- Complete program analysis.

A full program analysis including all the factors mentioned above; Technical-, Speed- and Power Program.

Please upload your current program in pdf on the right side of this page below ‘Choose your Options’.

These analyses are all based on your current program. If you need a complete program written by us, adapted to your physical capabilities and your performance, take a look at our Training Program Package.

Program Analysis for Throwers

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