• Training Schedules for Throwers

After a personal intake session (including a quick video analysis of your current technique) with you, where we determine your current level and your training and competition goals, we make a personalized training schedule for one season (winter season or summer season).

We build the training schedules in such a way that you can peak at the right times. We determine these peak moments together during the intake session.

Where do we focus on?


-         We give you varied exercises to optimize the speed within the different phases of your throw;


-         We look at the correct ratio of the build-up of the muscle tension and the moment of explosive block and power and give you the right exercises to optimize this;

- We give you exercises to improve your technique, adjusted to your current level, so that you can improve yourself.

Make your choice on the right side of this page under 'Choose your options' and become a better thrower.

Training Schedules for Throwers

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